Inquiry Handling

Inquiry handling offers the same function as that of information centre handling. All inquiries of the customers are handled appropriately and the detailed information about a particular service or product is given. Inquiry handling is a key function for an inbound call centre. If the customer is satisfied by a particular product or service he or she will go for that service. The effectiveness of inquiry handling results into business generation.

ADROIT NTS BPO has an inbound call centre that offers all information required for the customer to have a thorough understanding of products or services. The inbound call centre in ADROIT NTS is built with a purpose of having information centre that handles customer inquiries. The basic purpose of inquiry handling is to double -check the delivery of information and qualify customers based on proposed segmentation and the actual needs of the customers.

Inquiry handling is done through

  • Website Response
  • Telephone Response
  • Email Response
  • Handling Information Request
  • Multi-language Voice Response Fulfillment
  • Dealer, Agent or Distributor Locator

How does inquiry handling help?

  • You get escalation process
  • Monthly reports with detailed analysis of the customers
  • Customized database for tracking customer’s record
  • Customer can remote control the technician’s PC for training purpose.
  • Technical supervisor at all times
  • Customized interface development
  • Program implementation and system management
  • Weekly reports with summary activities
  • File transfer and PC updating during the support session
  • Remote control of the customer’s PC without downloading the software
  • Multi-lingual support