Help Desk Solution

The help desk is central point through which problems and issues are reported. These issues are subsequently managed and coordinated with highly responsible representatives who bring together resources to address a problem or issues. Help desk services are provided to assist and promote the use of technology within a business environment. Help desk services are traditional mechanism for technical support services. These are usually accompanied by on-site assistance, training and self-help programs. The growing trend in recent years has been to outsource either help desk function individually or whole gamut of IT operation inclusive of help desk services.

ADROIT NTS, as a BPO service provider has tailored made solutions to provide superior customer service interaction and hence leverage each customer relationship to the fullest. We have a whole gamut of customer facing offerings including 24/7 help desk support services through voice (both inbound and outbound). Email and web enabled services. We also offer help desk services for telemarketing, technical help desk services and employee IT help desk services. Poor help desk service adversely affects an outsourcing firm.

Some of the key benefits of our help desk support services

  • Better quality and quicker turnaround of customer requests.
  • Reduces support costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Gives increased accessibility through a single point of contact, communication and information
  • Improves team coordination and communication
  • Enhances focus and proactive approach to customer service
  • Reduces negative business impact
  • Better management of infrastructure and control
  • Improved usage of IT support resources and increased productivity of business personnel