Email & Chat Support

Now-a-days email has become a primary means of transferring data and plays a vital role in customer relationship management. As result of which many companies are outsourcing their non-voice BPO needs including Email support services. Low cost, non-intrusive and anywhere-anytime access is some of the basic advantages of email based communication. An efficient email response is important for every company as it contributes towards brand building and growth process of any company

ADROIT NTS provides management of client’s email traffic on behalf of our clients. We work towards building quality customer relationship for our clients. Having gained extensive knowledge about client and his product, ADROIT NTS has built an exhaustive knowledge base and response templates. We have successfully and competently handled email support services. Our experience ranges from handling simple as well complex issues. Our email services are comprehensive and include services like:

  • Technical support
  • Customer support
  • Order verification
  • Complete query handling

Internet chat support is ideal for the following

  • We hire professional chat executives and train them according to your specifications
  • 24/7 service available and no more lost sales
  • High efficiency as one chat executive can handle multiple chats at a time
  • No foreign accent in typed chat
  • Ability to pro-activate and initiate chat, push surveys and co-browse
  • Use chat transcription to update and improve knowledge base
  • No busy signals or hold on delays for your customers
  • No expensive telephone equipment, toll free numbers or extra office space
  • Provide a reliable source of first hand information of your product or services
  • 24/7 online support for customers from any location at any time