Voice Broadcast

Voice broadcasting and voice mail broadcast allows you to instantly send bulk of interactive phone calls with ease while managing the entire process right from the Web. Through this service you can instantly send alerts, reminders, notifications, political calls, messages, interactive polls, product updates or surveys right through Web.

If you are looking for Web- based voice broadcasting or virtual call centre? Then you have come to right place. The voice broadcasting service from ADROIT NTS BPO services lets you run multiple campaigns simultaneously, each with different call volumes, transfer locations and sound prompts. The voice broadcasting solution offered by ADROIT NTS allows you to manage multiple outbound campaigns and your own virtual call centre with ease. We can quickly broadcast your business calls, emergency notification, outbound sales and other important calls.

You simply need to upload your list and the voice broadcast platform can generate thousands of calls to clients and customers. Now you can easily upload your professional messages or create your own voice messages over the phone. Within minutes of uploading your contact list your messages will sent at a speed of over 50 calls per minute. Voice broadcasting easily allows you to follow-up with customers and creates new campaigns to speak with your customers and even drum up a new business.

Voice broadcasting can be configured to target answering machines, live people or both. You can even run multiple campaigns at the same time at different call volumes and with different sound prompts and transfer locations.

ADROIT NTS Voice broadcast features:

  • Web base auto dialing
  • Campaign management
  • Follow up calls to generate repeat business.
  • Increase the frequency of contacts and reach more customers
  • Supports phone surveys and Text-to speech
  • Easy tracking and statistics
  • Send hundreds of phone calls simultaneously