Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing is the most popular, flexible, dynamic and effective communications technique available. Telemarketing services are telephonic surveys carried out over phone for both large and medium sized companies. Telemarketing services can help to launch new products successfully and help you to target areas that need improvement than the established ones.

Generally telemarketing services are of four types; these are outbound telemarketing, business to business telemarketing, business to consumer telemarketing, automated telemarketing.

ADROIT NTS BPO is a leading provider of telesales and telemarketing services. Besides coming to the right website for telemarketing services you have also come to right BPO service provider. We provide telemarketing needs for business to business, business to consumer, outbound, inbound and automated services.

Now you do not have to jump hoops to hire, train and manage agents to make those outbound and inbound calls. We make it easy for you by taking care of recruiting and managing the right professionals for telemarketing services, allowing you to maximize your resources and making the best use of it.

ADROIT NTS has the highly experienced staff to manage, devise and deliver customized and flexible top performing telemarketing services that can exceed your expectations. We have handled telemarketing services for insurance companies, cable TV providers, catalogers, medical equipment suppliers, financial services, ISP and Telco firms