Product or Service Promotion

Product promotion involves informing, reminding and persuading the customers to buy a particular product or services. The promotional activity has to be handled very carefully as it is through this activity that a product or service is launched in the market.

The various promotional tools involved in product promotion comprise of promotional mix in an organization. These include advertising, personal selling, direct selling, sales promotion and public relations. Sales promotion utilizes various incentive techniques to structure sales related programs. It is an effective approach to increase immediate customer sales.

The services offered by ADROIT NTS BPO services are tailor made as per the client’s requirement. They are fully integrated to acquire more customers and help in building a strong customer base. This is helpful in launching the product and build awareness. ADROIT NTS has solution based approach that meets your telephonic and e-commerce needs related to particular product campaign and its successive promotion.

ADROIT NTS BPO provides exclusive product promotional support to customers through tele-services. We help generate new customers to create awareness and excitement for new product of the clients. We have state- of- the -art infrastructure that enables companies associated with us to be assured of solutions based approach. The outbound calls made to the customers consist of product promotional messages which are in sync with companies’ individual product promotion strategies.

The product promotion services provided by ADROIT NTS include:

  • Product Recalls
  • New Products Launch and Line Extension Introductions
  • Product Advisory Notices
  • Product Hotlines
  • Outcome Research