Market Research & Survey

Market research is essential to gather vital information and current market trends, buying pattern of customers, competitors and potential area of growth. Market research is carried out for finding what people want, need and believe. It can also involve discovering how they act for a particular product or services. Once market research is completed it can be used to determine how to market a particular product. Questionnaires, focus group discussion and surveys are some of the instruments of market research.

While surveys can provide information that your company needs to be one choice among your consumers. With the recent advancement in call centre technology, integrated tele-service campaigns are quickly becoming direct path to success. Surveys are of great importance and are skillfully undertaken by outbound call centres.

The different types of surveys are written surveys, employee research, telephone survey, one to one survey, product survey. Market research and surveys are proving to be an integral part of any business process. It is critical to comprehend one’s area of work thoroughly and this can be done by collecting and analyzing information that contributes towards more holistic understanding of consumers, marketing niche and marketing programs. Market research aids in providing important information and guiding business strategy.

The market research technique adopted by ADROIT NTS BPO services includes:

  • Developing a research plan
  • Collect information
  • Define problem and research objective
  • Analyze the findings
  • Present the findings