Cross Selling and Up-selling

Most of the companies move their call centres operations offshore for better cost savings. They somehow neglect the fact that 21% of the customer contacts leads to cross selling or upselling opportunities. According to research it has been found out that about 60% of call centres fail to practice cross-selling and up-selling during the interaction with customers. This is one reason why call centres struggle to have maximum return on investment. It is been found out that through market research that companies should strategically focus on cross-selling and up-selling of their newly launched products and services.

Cross selling and Upselling services from ADROIT NTS BPO

ADROIT NTS BPO offers cross selling and up selling services in order to upgrade existing customers to new products and services. We monitor and carry out surveys on individuals and their buying patterns. This process helps to generate additional revenues.

Methodologies adopted by ADROIT NTS BPO services

  • We make the customers feel at ease and gradually increase sales.
  • Give ample time to the customers to vent.
  • Ask open ended questions to the customers.
  • We avoid the customers to feel confused with policies and regulations
  • Never make the customers feel that they are wrong

While closing the sale

  • Take charge of the calls
  • Appeal emotion not intellect
  • Sell the benefits of the products not features
  • Use command words
  • Close the sale on an upbeat note