Security Management

At ADROIT NTS, Our professionals understand the call center security needs critical to every high-performance business and the Security Management is a process driven approach that significantly enhances the call center security of our IT infrastructure from internal and external threats using researched processes, procedures and tools.

Our call center security matrix consists of integrated solutions leveraged using deep industry knowledge and tailored to suit the distinctive needs. Our comprehensive call center security systems integrate all security components and business systems for a reliable and secured approach.

Employee portals, knowledge management systems and e-mail systems constitute much of an enterprise’s potential vulnerability; our call center security system supports the unique business challenges by providing vital services:

Proactively dealing with potential call center security issues at the planning and contractual stage including authentication, identification, authorization, access control, confidentiality and integrity

Monitoring the call center security implications of the outsourcing partnership during the lifecycle of the contract, this involves several steps including accountability, audit, intrusion detection, .non repudiation and availability. Recognizing the response to methodology through triage, recovery, reliability and implementing the necessary corrective action

Our Call Center Security Lifecycle

Our call center security is integrated security architecture designed, built, tested and deployed in compliance with security requirements and we at ADROIT NTS understand that Security must be designed into solutions then managed proactively to maintain business reliability and availability and to meet regulatory compliance.