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 Call Centre Service Offerings By ADROIT NTS BPO
ADROIT NTS BPO is one of the fast growing outsourcing firms. We have got the robust infrastructure to manage all our projects efficiently. We are equipped with latest technology like predictive dialer software, ACD, IVR, soft phone, fax on demand, voice logging and call blending. The BPO services offered by ADROIT NTS are divided under two main heads which are outbound services and inbound services.
ADROIT NTS BPO has the expertise and skilled manpower to set up and manage large outbound and inbound call centre services. Our agents are well trained and proficient enough to handle large volumes of calls in a professional manner. The agents are provided in-house training starting from greeting the customers over the phone, calls pertaining to surveys, lead generation, verifications, collections and sales.
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ADROIT NTS BPO is your one stop outsourcing solution for all inbound customer service needs, outbound telemarketing calls, customer support, help desk, website promotion, e-mail marketing campaigns, Fax broadcasting and data entry operations. All you need to do is experience the ADROIT NTS Services
 Outbound Services
Appointment Setting
Appointment Scheduling plays a pivotal role in generating new business for the company. There are few companies that do not use appointment setting or telemarketing in some shape or form. The solutions offered by ADROIT NTS BPO services can be implemented immediately providing superior care for your customers at affordable prices. The solutions offered by ADROIT NTS BPO services enable seamless communication with your customers and the prospects through multi- channel like appointment setting, web collaboration, email, voice, self-help and more. This is one of the services that outsourcing firms offer for office appointments, reservations and service schedulers for various forms of transportations, dinners, seats, concerts, special events, seminars and others.
The highlights of appointment setting services:
The outbound appointment setting call centre services proves to be an important tool for sales professionals for companies like
Cross Selling and Upselling  
Most of the companies move their call centres operations offshore for better cost savings. They somehow neglect the fact that 21% of the customer contacts leads to cross selling or upselling opportunities. According to research it has been found out that about 60% of call centres fail to practice cross-selling and up-selling during the interaction with customers. This is one reason why call centres struggle to have maximum return on investment. It is been found out that through market research that companies should strategically focus on cross-selling and up-selling of their newly launched products and services.
Cross selling and Upselling services from ADROIT NTS BPO
ADROIT NTS BPO offers cross selling and up selling services in order to upgrade existing customers to new products and services. We monitor and carry out surveys on individuals and their buying patterns. This process helps to generate additional revenues.
Methodologies adopted by ADROIT NTS BPO services
While closing the sale
How does cross selling and up selling help?
It helps to build rapport with the customers
Reduces escalated calls and repeat calls
Increases call productivity and quality
Delight complaining and irate customers.
Telemarketing services
Telemarketing is the most popular, flexible, dynamic and effective communications technique available. Telemarketing services are telephonic surveys carried out over phone for both large and medium sized companies. Telemarketing services can help to launch new products successfully and help you to target areas that need improvement than the established ones.
Generally telemarketing services are of four types; these are outbound telemarketing, business to business telemarketing, business to consumer telemarketing, automated telemarketing.
ADROIT NTS BPO is a leading provider of telesales and telemarketing services. Besides coming to the right website for telemarketing services you have also come to right BPO service provider. We provide telemarketing needs for business to business, business to consumer, outbound, inbound and automated services.
Now you do not have to jump hoops to hire, train and manage agents to make those outbound and inbound calls. We make it easy for you by taking care of recruiting and managing the right professionals for telemarketing services, allowing you to maximize your resources and making the best use of it.
ADROIT NTS has the highly experienced staff to manage, devise and deliver customized and flexible top performing telemarketing services that can exceed your expectations. We have handled telemarketing services for insurance companies, cable TV providers, catalogers, medical equipment suppliers, financial services, ISP and Telco firms
Market Research & Survey  
Market research is essential to gather vital information and current market trends, buying pattern of customers, competitors and potential area of growth. Market research is carried out for finding what people want, need and believe. It can also involve discovering how they act for a particular product or services. Once market research is completed it can be used to determine how to market a particular product. Questionnaires, focus group discussion and surveys are some of the instruments of market research.
While surveys can provide information that your company needs to be one choice among your consumers. With the recent advancement in call centre technology, integrated tele-service campaigns are quickly becoming direct path to success. Surveys are of great importance and are skillfully undertaken by outbound call centres.
The different types of surveys are written surveys, employee research, telephone survey, one to one survey, product survey. Market research and surveys are proving to be an integral part of any business process. It is critical to comprehend one's area of work thoroughly and this can be done by collecting and analyzing information that contributes towards more holistic understanding of consumers, marketing niche and marketing programs. Market research aids in providing important information and guiding business strategy.
The market research technique adopted by ADROIT NTS BPO services includes:
Product or Service Promotion  
Product promotion involves informing, reminding and persuading the customers to buy a particular product or services. The promotional activity has to be handled very carefully as it is through this activity that a product or service is launched in the market.
The various promotional tools involved in product promotion comprise of promotional mix in an organization. These include advertising, personal selling, direct selling, sales promotion and public relations. Sales promotion utilizes various incentive techniques to structure sales related programs. It is an effective approach to increase immediate customer sales.
The services offered by ADROIT NTS BPO services are tailor made as per the client's requirement. They are fully integrated to acquire more customers and help in building a strong customer base. This is helpful in launching the product and build awareness. ADROIT NTS has solution based approach that meets your telephonic and e-commerce needs related to particular product campaign and its successive promotion.
ADROIT NTS BPO provides exclusive product promotional support to customers through tele-services. We help generate new customers to create awareness and excitement for new product of the clients. We have state- of- the -art infrastructure that enables companies associated with us to be assured of solutions based approach. The outbound calls made to the customers consist of product promotional messages which are in sync with companies' individual product promotion strategies.
The product promotion services provided by ADROIT NTS include:
Lead Generation  
Lead generation simply means creation or generation of prospective consumer interest into a business product or services. Lead can be generated for variety of purposes like list building, for winning customers or for acquisition of e-newsletter list. Lead generation is not a new form of gaining customers but now it has a new approach. Lead generation can work for just about any business. Trends have shown that lead generation will become even more popular in future especially for service oriented businesses.
It is often said that lead generation is a win-win situation for both buyer and seller. Here the buyer is able to request information from several businesses that offer product or services that they are looking for and the seller is given the opportunity to pitch their product or services who has given them the permission. The conversion rates from lead generation are often higher than cold contacts. This is so because the prospect is pre-qualified before you receive the lead.
How lead generation helps?
ADROIT NTS BPO has the expertise to give you leads that will boost your sales. We carry out market surveys and research that help us to generate fresh leads that have high rates of conversion. Above all lead generation can be cost effective. It is an easy way to increase return on investment and get more business in your books.
Voice Broadcast  
Voice broadcasting and voice mail broadcast allows you to instantly send  bulk of interactive phone calls with ease while managing the entire process right from the Web. Through this service you can instantly send alerts, reminders, notifications, political calls, messages, interactive polls, product updates or surveys right through Web.
If you are looking for Web- based voice broadcasting or virtual call centre? Then you have come to right place. The voice broadcasting service from ADROIT NTS BPO services lets you run multiple campaigns simultaneously, each with different call volumes, transfer locations and sound prompts. The voice broadcasting solution offered by ADROIT NTS allows you to manage multiple outbound campaigns and your own virtual call centre with ease. We can quickly broadcast your business calls, emergency notification, outbound sales and other important calls.
You simply need to upload your list and the voice broadcast platform can generate thousands of calls to clients and customers. Now you can easily upload your professional messages or create your own voice messages over the phone. Within minutes of uploading your contact list your messages will sent at a speed of over 50 calls per minute. Voice broadcasting easily allows you to follow-up with customers and creates new campaigns to speak with your customers and even drum up a new business.
Voice broadcasting can be configured to target answering machines, live people or both. You can even run multiple campaigns at the same time at different call volumes and with different sound prompts and transfer locations.
ADROIT NTS Voice broadcast features:
Inbound Services
Answering Service
An answering service is business service that answers telephone calls and conveys messages to the clients. The answering service from ADROIT NTS BPO services is capable of doing of this and even more. ADROIT NTS provides expert inbound call centre service, outbound call centre service, customer service assistance, order taking and answering services. We specialize in providing effective and accurate answering service that saves considerable time and saves costs.
ADROIT NTS has well qualified team of professionals that takes messages on behalf of your company and provides the required information. We offer answering services 24/7 and 365 days a year. The received calls are taken by live operators who obtain callers name, address phone number and a brief message. The phone answering service from ADROIT NTS can be a gateway to larger client base. Answering service has become really important when there is limited business hours. Your customers expect support from you 24/7 and 365 days a year and here comes the utility of having answering services.
Some of the companies like emergency home repair, air-conditioning, doctors, real estate, heating, newspaper and so many other companies often use an answering service. Answering services plays an important role in the day to day activities of any business or organization. The minute you turn your phone to an answering service, the call centre representative becomes the face of the company, the voice becomes your business ethics and the smile of your customer service department. The quality of your answering service can save or lose the loyalty of your customers.
Customer Service  
Good customer is all about having good and repeat customers. Every successful business focuses on three elements of customer relationship management; these are customer acquisition, customer growth and customer care. Customer relationship management utilizes people, processes and technology to integrate every aspect of business that touches customer, marketing, sales and technical support.
Simply acquiring new customers is not enough to maintain a larger base of clients. In today's market place the true value comes from customer care retention and growth of acquired customers. Many companies invest a lot in acquisition of customers so why not maintain a good customer service experience and at the same time expect return on investment. Fostering and rendering customer relationship management expands customer relationship management and enhances your market position.
ADROIT NTS BPO can become your Customer Relationship Manager. With us you can track the buying patterns of your customers, detect market trends and accordingly sell your product or services. We have nine years of proven record in providing complete turnkey customer relationship management programs to get expected results. Customer service is the nucleus of any business. To win an array of customers and retain the existing ones, it becomes essential to establish quality customer care.
Customer service entails the process of planning, organizing and delivering customer support services that includes the process of installation, configuration, troubleshooting, customer assistance and training in response to the requirements of customers. Customer service is the face of your company, through this you can make or break your reputation.
Through a dedicated 24/7 customer service you can make or break your customer's loyalty. Besides you can also get control of your brand integrity by offering quick support to the concerns of your customers. ADROIT NTS BPO services offers robust customer support specializing in areas like customer retention, query, product information, billing queries, order management, account queries, maintaining, booking and reservations.
Direct Mail Response
The process of direct mail response is offered by an inbound call centre through which an agent ensures that the mails reach the customers at correct address and at right time. A direct mail reflects the client's personal style and business culture while responding quickly to any inquiries sent.
The direct mail campaigns run by customers usually produce high volumes of calls and frequently require immediate response to televised spot advertisements. Direct mail response works because it has positive effects and can be measured directly. It is that form of marketing which is designed to solicit a direct response which is specific and quantifiable. ADROIT NTS offer direct mail response in which our management team and development specialist follow standard needs and analysis checklist to ensure that the requirement of the client is met within a specified time.
We ensure that each incoming call is processed efficiently and appropriately by our call centre representative.  Our contact centre regularly monitor each call flow by quality control department and make real time adjustment to complex call projection models. We believe in providing the customers with cost efficient staffing and scheduling options. ADROIT NTS offers 24 hours direct mail response so that you not miss any important business issues.
Our inbound call centre is equipped with latest technology and state-of -the art infrastructure so that every single call is routed properly. We have highly trained call centre representatives who are professional and proficient enough to handle calls. ADROIT NTS is place where you can keep your business go even when not available to serve your customers. Direct mail response is great way to boost your sales and generate immediate business for your company.
Help Desk Solution
The help desk is central point through which problems and issues are reported.  These issues are subsequently managed and coordinated with highly responsible representatives who bring together resources to address a problem or issues. Help desk services are provided to assist and promote the use of technology within a business environment. Help desk services are traditional mechanism for technical support services. These are usually accompanied by on-site assistance, training and self-help programs. The growing trend in recent years has been to outsource either help desk function individually or whole gamut of IT operation inclusive of help desk services.
ADROIT NTS, as a BPO service provider has tailored made solutions to provide superior customer service interaction and hence leverage each customer relationship to the fullest. We have a whole gamut of customer facing offerings including 24/7 help desk support services through voice (both inbound and outbound). Email and web enabled services. We also offer help desk services for telemarketing, technical help desk services and employee IT help desk services. Poor help desk service adversely affects an outsourcing firm.
Some of the key benefits of our help desk support services
Better quality and quicker turnaround of customer requests.
Reduces support costs.
Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Gives increased accessibility through a single point of contact, communication and information.
Improves team coordination and communication.
Enhances focus and proactive approach to customer service.
Reduces negative business impact.
Better management of infrastructure and control.
Improved usage of IT support resources and increased productivity of business personnel.
Inquiry Handling
Inquiry handling offers the same function as that of information centre handling. All inquiries of the customers are handled appropriately and the detailed information about a particular service or product is given. Inquiry handling is a key function for an inbound call centre. If the customer is satisfied by a particular product or service he or she will go for that service. The effectiveness of inquiry handling results into business generation.
ADROIT NTS BPO has an inbound call centre that offers all information required for the customer to have a thorough understanding of products or services. The inbound call centre in ADROIT NTS is built with a purpose of having information centre that handles customer inquiries. The basic purpose of inquiry handling is to double -check the delivery of information and qualify customers based on proposed segmentation and the actual needs of the customers.
Inquiry handling is done through
Website Response
Telephone Response
Email Response
Handling Information Request
Multi-language Voice Response Fulfillment
Dealer, Agent or Distributor Locator
How does inquiry handling help?
You get escalation process
Monthly reports with detailed analysis of the customers
Customized database for tracking customer's record
Customer can remote control the technician's PC for training purpose.
Technical supervisor at all times
Customized interface development
Program implementation and system management
Weekly reports with summary activities
File transfer and PC updating during the support session
Remote control of the customer's PC without downloading the software
Multi-lingual support    
Interactive Voice Response
Interactive voice response helps the inbound call centres in proper distribution of routing information with the help of FAX or pre-recorded voice messages. IVR or interactive voice response is one of the growing technologies that automate interactions with telephone callers. Many organizations are increasingly turning to IVR to reduce the costs of service, common sales, collections, inquiry and calls.
Most of the IVR use pre-recorded voice prompts and menu to present information to the callers. The modern IVR also enable input and response to be gathered via spoken words with voice recognition. It also helps to retrieve information including bank balances, flight schedules, order status, product details and show timings from telephone.IVR are increasingly used to place outbound calls to deliver and gather information for appointments, past dues and other time for critical events and activities. Most of the inbound call centre use IVR technology and strive for complete customer satisfaction. The IVR system includes services like speech recognition, self service and FAX management capabilities. IVR is designed to provide easy to configure automated call handling systems that are tailored to meet every day and individual needs.
The typical IVR application by ADROIT NTS includes:
Phone attendant using menu to transfer direct calls
Telephone information lines, hotline or audiotext type systems.
Computer Telephony Integration
Voice Over Internet Protocol
Credit card telephone account payment
Automated inbound and outbound telephone surveys
Dial in computer control or information
Automatic outbound call message systems
Fax on demand systems
Many more telephone related applications
The IVR services provide a competitive advantage in the market place and make the inbound telemarketing services affordable. Hence to achieve maximum IVR and voice broadcasting phone programs it is better to use voice recording services. The common IVR applications include
Surveys and polls
Office call routing
Call centre forwarding
Bank and stock account balances and transfers
Bank and stock account balances and transfers
Selective information lookup like movie schedules
Sales Lead Qualification
Sales lead qualification is an inbound call centre service. Through this an inbound call centre offers qualified leads to increase business opportunity in your organization. Through our qualified sales leads and appointments, our inbound call centre representative help in increasing sales, sales force productivity and reduces costs.
ADROIT NTS deploys strategic sales lead generation campaigns to help our clients increase their revenue and experience measurable growth. We specialize in high- tech, high volume product and services. Each of our marketing campaign is tailored to meet the specific needs of the clients. Every lead that comes into your organization is unique. Sales lead qualification from ADROIT NTS BPO services encompasses the features that give your sales team an advantage in serving a prospect and generating revenue for your organization.
Sales lead qualification takes into account variety of factors. With sales lead, your sales team will be prepared with essential information that it can use to choose a prospective customer. The sales team will understand from where the lead originated and the nature of any contact the lead had with other member of the organization.
According to our experience only a small percentage of incoming inquiries are ready to buy at one time. This means that if you entrust the sales force to qualify and quantify these leads they may be spending their expensive time in chasing these prospects that are not ready to purchase. Therefore pre qualification of sales lead is essential.
ADROIT NTS takes the charge of your hard earned inquiries to qualify, nuture, quantify and deliver ready to close sale opportunity with excellent return on investment. We can help your sales team to close your sales by serving them with well documented and highly qualified sales leads.
Email & Chat Support
Now-a-days email has become a primary means of transferring data and plays a vital role in customer relationship management. As result of which many companies are outsourcing their non-voice BPO needs including Email support services. Low cost, non-intrusive and anywhere-anytime access is some of the basic advantages of email based communication. An efficient email response is important for every company as it contributes towards brand building and growth process of any company.
ADROIT NTS provides management of client's email traffic on behalf of our clients. We work towards building quality customer relationship for our clients. Having gained extensive knowledge about client and his product, ADROIT NTS has built an exhaustive knowledge base and response templates. We have successfully and competently handled email support services. Our experience ranges from handling simple as well complex issues. Our email services are comprehensive and include services like:
Internet chat support is ideal for the following:
We hire professional chat executives and train them according to your specifications
24/7 service available and no more lost sales.
High efficiency as one chat executive can handle multiple chats at a time.
No foreign accent in typed chat
Ability to pro-activate and initiate chat, push surveys and co-browse.
Use chat transcription to update and improve knowledge base.
No busy signals or hold on delays for your customers.
No expensive telephone equipment, toll free numbers or extra office space.
Provide a reliable source of first hand information of your product or services.
24/7 online support for customers from any location at any time.
Back-Office Services:
Transcription Services
ADROIT NTS BPO provides an alternative to those expensive transcription services. ADROIT NTS is the ultimate resource for all your transcription services. We offer affordable transcription services that will meet your deadline without breaking your budget. Our dedicated and professional team handles your transcription job with utmost care. Our primary goal is to provide a professional transcription service to our valuable customers at affordable rates.
All our transcriptions go through multiple proof reading. We work hard for you and your satisfaction is our top priority. 80% of our transcription business comes through referrals and we are honored that our customers have acknowledged our work for not only their transcription needs but with their business partners as well.
Our goal is to be your outsourcing partner. Our transcriptionists and proof readers go through an intensive transcription training program that enables them to provide error free transcription services. ADROIT NTS offers high quality and cost effective voice transcription services that encompass general business needs.
ADROIT NTS uses cutting edge technology to ensure consistent high quality conversion of your audio video to text output voice transcription. The voice transcription industry is changing at tremendous speed. Technological advances as well as widening security concerns are bringing in new level of sophistication and integration voice technology into every sphere of life.
What do we transcribe?
You name and we do it for you. Interviews, dictation, conference, business meetings, calls, focus groups, press briefings, lectures, seminars, radio shows and panel discussions.
How we do it?
Order Taking Services
Order taking makes the business world go round; order taking requires skilled agents, product knowledge and operational accuracy. In one way or the other modern business relies on old fashioned concept of order taking. Accurately processing an order is important at some level of any business operation. When order taking is mismanaged problems tend to accelerate. It is important a find a reliable order taking service provider with technology that will ensure that data is recorded accurately and securely.
ADROIT NTS BPO services can play a supporting role in all your order taking services. We help in accurately recording and delivering the important messages that make your business run. Telephone order taking plays a major role in retail or wholesale business, hospitality sector, service sector or in a catering company. Our order taking service can also help internal departments of your business so that they function smoothly.
ADROIT NTS BPO services will personalize your sales department; expedite your order taking services and increase your real time customer service department by interacting with your customers. We specialize in order taking services and call centre services.  As your business expands you have various departments and other responsibilities to handle. You can outsource some or all of your internal order taking tasks to us. This will give your staff more time to focus on other work.
ADROIT NTS BPO has experienced order taking representatives who are proficient enough to handle calls and take orders over the phone. They can accurately complete purchase orders and requisition requests over the phone for your business. This will help your purchasing department to focus on orders getting filled. We take special interest in hiring best customer service representatives to work on behalf of your account.